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How to Have Belief in Business


There are three facets to belief. If you are a Christian business owner, you must take these three things seriously in order to truly be successful in business and in life. These are foundational to who we are as Christians and as entrepreneurs.

Belief comes from an old German word that means “to hold dear, esteem and trust.” There is a lot of power in belief if we understand the belief pyramid. The three kinds of belief for Christian business owners are: belief in God, believe in self and belief in business.

Belief in God

I was talking to a multi-millionaire this weekend. We started talking about faith and he shared a great concept with me. He said, “I don’t know how people do it without faith. They have nothing above them to keep them from being dishonest.” He went on to explain that when people don’t have some sort of faith, they can do whatever they want. In business, that could mean taking advantage of others and running a business with little or no ethics. (It happens!)

Starting with a foundation that there is a God and He is bigger than us helps us get perspective about our place in the universe. We are part of something God is doing here on earth, and because of that, we want to help people and honor God with all of our decisions.

Belief in self

After we have a strong foundation in God, we must have a strong belief in ourselves. This one may be harder for some of us depending on what kind of family we come from. See, if we have been told we are worthless or that we will never amount to anything, those seeds of doubt can still grow even when our business is successful.

We must look at the belief in God first and build who we are based on what He says about our lives. Think about it for a moment. You may have had someone in your life tell you that you are not good enough, but our value does not come from people. Our value comes from God.

God calls us His children. He sent Jesus to earth for us. He loves us even when we were stuck in stupidity and sin. That means the God of the universe, who created us and everything in it, says we are good enough. We should revel in the fact that we are more than good enough for this world.

Belief in business

I know a lot of articles that would start with the belief in business, but I have found that other two must be foundational to what we do as Christian entrepreneurs. We must have a strong belief in God, which tells us who we are in this world, which informs what we do for our business.

In business, we are here to help others. We find a product or service that can benefit another person and offer it to them at a valuable price. Business is that simple. Yet, at the core of what we do in business, we must think about how God wants to impact the world and how our lives touches others.

Putting our beliefs together

I have talked to many people who want to start a certain business ‘because it will make good money.’ They jump on the bandwagon only to find it is a lot harder than they think and since they are focused on the money, they are never fulfilled in their business. They jump from business to business never really finding their place in the world.

I don’t want that to happen to you. I want you to have a strong core belief that God wants you to be in business. I want you to see that God created you with a strong purpose in this world to touch lives. And, God, the creator of everything, gave you the blessings and opportunities to be in business for Him.

Taking action

Do a quick evaluation for your life.

Start with God. What is your core belief in God? Is it based on a strong knowledge of scripture? If so, keep it up. If not, jump into some biblical studies and dig into God’s word.

Check on self. What is your purpose? Do you really believe that God put you on earth for a purpose? He did! If you are having trouble with your identity find a good friend, pastor or counselor. Really dig into who you are and find the truth of who God created you to be.

Evaluate your business. Why did God put you in your business? How does God want you to impact the world and share His love through your business? If you are not sure, dig into scriptures, join a Christian entrepreneur group, or just talk to a solid Christian mentor in your life.


I could write thousands of words, but none of it means anything if we don’t take action on our beliefs. We must take action on our belief in God, self and business if we truly want to be successful. God has placed His hand on your life, I know because you are reading these words and I am praying for you. You are called to be in business and you did not find this article by accident.

I’m Lyle H. and I want to invite you to dig a little deeper with your faith and how it fits into business. If you need a confidence boost, check out: http://www.christianbusinessrevolution.com/faith-fit-business/

I also shared about how business is your mission, just look at what this famous missionary did with business in the Bible: http://www.christianbusinessrevolution.com/god-want-us-business/

Go and be blessed and be a blessing!


Your Revenue And Expenses

Revenue Expenses


Revenue is the price of goods sold and services rendered during a giver accounting period. Earning revenue causes owner’s equity to increase. When a business renders services or sells merchandise to its customers, it usually receives cash or acquires ar account receivable from the customer. The inflow of cash or receivable from customers increases the total assets of the company. On the other side of the accounting equation, the liabilities do not change, but owner’s equity increases to match the increase in total assets. Thus revenue is the gross increases in owner’s equity resulting from operation of the business.

Various terms are used to describe different types of revenue; for example, the revenue earned by a real estate might be called Sales Commissions Earned, or alternatively, Commissions Revenue. In the professional practice of lawyers, physicians, dentists, and CPAs, the revenue is called Fees Earned. A business which sells merchandise rather than services (General Motors, for example) will use the term Sales to describe the revenue earned. Another type of revenue is Interest Earned, which means the amount received as interest on notes receivable, bank deposits, government bonds, or other securities.

When to Record Revenue: The Realization Principle When is revenue recorded in the accounting records? For example, assume that on May 24, a real estate company signs a contract to represent a client in selling the client’s personal residence. The contract entitles the real estate company to a commission equal to 5% of the selling price, due 30 days after the date of sale. On June 10, the real estate company sells the house at a price of $120, 000, thereby earning a $6, 000 commission ($120, 000 x 5% ), to be received on July 10. When should the company record this $6, 000 commission revenue¬† in May, June, or July?

The company should record this revenue on June 10¬† the day it rendered the service of selling the client’s house. As the company will not collect this commission until July, it must also record an account receivable on June 10. In July, when this receivable is collected, the company must not record revenue a second time. Collecting an account receivable increases one asset, Cash, and decreases another assets, Accounts Receivable. Thus, collecting an account receivable does not increase owner’s equity and does not represent revenue.

Our answer illustrates a generally accepted accounting principle called the realization principle. The realization principle states that a business should record revenue at the time services are rendered to customers or goods sold are delivered to customers. In short, revenue is recorded when it is earned, without regard as to when the cash is received.


Expenses are costs of the goods and services used up in the process of earning revenue. Examples include the cost of employee’s salaries, advertising, rent, utilities, and the gradual wearing-out (depreciation) of such assets as buildings, automobiles, and office equipment. All these costs are necessary to attract and serve customers and thereby earn revenue. Expenses are called the “costs of doing business”, that is, the cost of the various activities necessary to carry on a business.

An expense always causes a decrease in owner’s equity. The related changes in the accounting equation can either (1) a decrease in assets or (2) increase in liabilities. An expense reduces assets if payment occurs at the time that the expense is incurred (or if payment has been made in advance). If the expense will not be paid until later, as, for example, the purchase of advertising services on account, the recording of the expense will be accompanied by an increase in liabilities.

When to Record Expenses: The Matching Principle. A significant relationship exists between revenue and expenses. Expenses are incurred for the purpose of producing revenue. In measuring net income for a period, revenue should be offset by all the expenses incurred in producing that revenue. This concept of offsetting expenses against revenue on a basis of “cause and effect” is called the matching principle.

Timing is an important factor in matching (offsetting) revenue with the related expenses. For example, in preparing monthly income statements, it is important to offset this month’s expenses against this month’s revenue. We should not offset this month’s expenses against last month’s revenue, because there is no cause and effect relationship between the two.

How To Start A Home Business

Home Business

Taking the leap of faith and starting a home based business can be an exciting and daunting experience at the same time. While there are numerous reasons why people are drawn to the concept of a home based business the challenge is getting it off the ground. Unlike several decades ago, having a respectable home business was unheard off.

In fact if you didn’t have a shop front or office then you were considered to have a questionable business operation that lacked credibility. Times have certainly changed and so have our lifestyles. These days with the modern advances in technology you can comfortably setup a home business and compete successfully with much more established and larger businesses without any noticeable decrease in credibility.

In fact many of the multinational technology companies we know today as household names started out in dorm rooms, in the garage or a spare bedroom. Below are a few handy steps to help you get your home business off the ground.

1. Decide on your business structure. While you may be working from home you will still need to register the business and deciding on the business structure can be a critical decision. You hardly want to settle on a structure just because it is the easiest to setup or most cost effective only to have to restructure the whole business when it gets larger. If you don’t want to invest in an accountant to help you with this step there are some useful resources available at any local library about the different business structures and the benefits each structure can provide.

2. Decide on a name and register it. You will need to register your business name with the appropriate business authority in your area so that you can commence business operations. Rules and regulations differ from state to state and from country to country so consult your local government business department and they will be able to assist you on the forms you will need to fill out.

3. Decide on where your business is going to operate from. If you are lucky enough to have a spare room then you are pretty much set with getting your business going. You can probably get by with a table, chair, a filing cabinet, phone and computer in the early days. If you need other things relevant to your business you can get them later on when you are starting to create some turnover. Don’t worry about not have the perfect business setup from day one as your success won’t be determined by how beautiful your office looks. If you don’t have the luxury of a spare room then you might need to make do with a temporary office table that you need to setup and pack away at the end of each day.

4. Invest in business stationary. Probably the most important aspect of getting a business off the ground is making sure people know about it. Tell your friends and family that your open for business. A useful and cost effective way to promote your business is to get business cards designed and printed. While your at it you might as well print letterheads as well. With the abundance of cheap online printing companies out there this can be quite inexpensive and certainly well worth the small investment. Either use the available templates provided by your printer or engage the services of a cheap graphic designer from your local university to get them designed for you.

5. Start marketing. Its all well and good to have your business open but in order for it to stay open you need to have customers. Unlike having a shop front or office people aren’t going to just stumble across your business and wonder in your doors. You are going to need to do some leg work. Whether it be a telemarketing campaign or a direct mail campaign you are going to be the one that needs to do that if you want your business to grow. There are many wonderful small business associations that you can join that can give you useful advice and resources on how best to maximize your small marketing budget most effectively.

Starting a small business can be such a rewarding experience and once of the ground the fun is just beginning.

Everything That You Should Know About the Solar Inverters

Sunlight based inverters are turning out to be extremely famous nowadays and consistently new alternatives and assortments get presented in the business sector. Despite the advantages connected with these items, less is known not about them. Since they are a finished arrangement and flawless substitution of the run of the mill customary inverters, it is about time you consider supplanting your conventional inverters with these sun powered inverters South Africa. Examine all the fundamental points of interest specified in the sentences that take after to know more about these inverters.

As the name proposes, the sun based packs South Africa deal with the sun based vitality where the sun powered boards should be introduced and they deliver vitality specifically from the sun. One can undoubtedly utilize this force delivered to run the essential electronic things that are utilized at home. In addition this procedure has been broadly utilized on the business development locales also to expand the unwavering quality on regular force assets in contrast with others. In spite of the fact that you can take the assistance of expert administration suppliers to get these inverters introduced, it is essential to ensure that you know about the fundamental thought behind this strategy and the basic terms that will be utilized by the included experts.

The principal thing that one needs to center upon is the productivity of the sun based inverter that you will be picking. Contingent on the measure of cash you will spend and your necessities, you can look over an assortment of inverters that accompany diverse proficiency. One ought to dependably consider this point before making an interest in any sort of sun powered board establishment units and related stuff.

Data current and Output current are the following imperative terms that you ought to consider while purchasing a sun based inverter. Info current is essentially the component on which the vitality preparing limit of the board will rely on. Since this procedure includes some level of force misfortune, it is critical to give careful consideration on this variable as it can manage this issue effortlessly and keep the misfortune to a significant level. The yield current will be the one that will be produced and will help in activating different electronic deices and wires.

Models and evaluations of the sun oriented inverters ought to be considered while making a buy. Continuously ensure that the item you are purchasing submits to the gauges issued by the administrative sheets and is affirmed also. Notwithstanding this, the brand ought to be solid and have great evaluations on the premise of mechanical guidelines as well as from the clients of these sunlight based inverters. Remember these focuses and get the boards and inverter introduced by trusted experts.

Build Your Business With A Team

There are so many moving parts within any functioning company or business, large or small, no matter what part of the world the business may be operating within. This by definition means that it has been dictated that groups of people, or teams are needed in order to get done all the things that need to be done on a daily basis within a particular organisation.

Considering some of the various functions within a business such as…

o Marketing

o Accounting

o Research and Development

o Shipping

o Human Resources

o Sales

… that have to be carried out in some shape or form if you are ever to make the business successful. We say ‘in some shape or form’ because in smaller operations some of these business fundamentals may be merged and you may put different labels on that which you do in order to depict that which takes place within your particular organisation.

Whatever the case, you will have to market your business, i.e. get the message of the core products and services out to the people you wish to purchase from you. The money that comes into your company will need to be counted and apportioned accordingly which is the accounting function.

The shipping function could be used to describe whatever activities take place in order to move products from you to the end user clients. Take some time to examine that which takes place within your business so that this point can be driven home further.

Now let’s turn our attention to us as human beings, we all come with different personalities, biases, backgrounds and natural tendencies which leads to us liking to do different things. Within a company there are those who love accounting, love to do marketing and those of us who just love to be on the phone all day talking to and serving customers. On the other hand another employee may find their bliss being in front of the computer eight hours a day researching.

The above is set out in order to make the point that we should spend time just after the development of the marketing strategy of our business to consider getting the right people into our business to help us move forward – forward faster than we otherwise would have progressed without them.

The development of the team is often one of the main components that business owners forget to spend quality time on developing as often; the importance of this aspect of business development is not seen as being as important as the development of products and services, the marketing of them and the subsequent selling function.

So as the trend of small businesses continue to grow and contribute to the economy, consider some of the ways that you can move smarter and faster towards running a successful business. Map out what needs to be done and think of the people that you bring in to accomplish the tasks all in line with the skillsets that they bring into your organisation. Do this and you will be delighted with the results that take place.

Cairns Accountants Business Tax GST General Accounting Services

With that in mind, let’s get to the task at hand: finding a CPA or tax planner who can
sand off the rough edges in your personal finances.

-Most CPA and tax planning jobs require at least a bachelor’s degree, and many require additional certifications and degrees.–
What does a tax accountant do?

A tax accountant, tax planner, or Certified Public Accountant isn’t merely a number cruncher and data entry specialist. While their background might include a lot of math classes back in school and a lot of dry textbooks, it’s a CPA’s ability to see beyond the numbers that really separates them from the rest of the pack.

A good tax accountant is customer-focused and really wants to help you pay as little as possible while helping to keep your affairs in order. Pencil pushers they are not.
But that doesn’t mean all CPA’s are going to be your best friend, either. Some might not be very up-to-date on their work and might keep your papers at the bottom of their file.

Some might not be interesting or fun to talk to in person. Heck, some might just be bad accountants who don’t give you the right tips or advice for avoiding audits and other tax issues. It’s not fun having a bad accountant.

It’s been said that the two most important people in your life are your priest and your
accountant. After all, the priest deals in matters of life and death and the accountant
deals with taxes. Since you know death and taxes will always be inevitable, it makes
sense to find the right people to work with now – or at least sooner rather than later.

As a professional Accountant, based in Cairns we understand everyone has different needs and complexities.

To help motivate you, let’s look at the potential benefits of having a tax accountant.
Here are some of their duties:

Taking paperwork out of your hands by filing your taxes and giving you easy-to reference copies of all the paperwork filed.

Ensuring that you don’t miss reporting any income or expenses that you don’t want to miss. You don’t want to fail to report income because you could end up owing the tax department down the road. You don’t want to fail to reportexpenses because it could mean potential tax savings.

Identifying areas of your life in which tax credits or tax bonuses could apply. This could mean a lot more savings simply because you went in to see the right tax accountant – it doesn’t necessarily have to affect the regular life you lead.

Teaching you how to keep your files handy and letting you know what kind of paperwork they’ll need in order to get a complete picture of your overall finances.

Recommending future courses of action that you can take to further reduce your tax burden.

Answering questions about taxes, tax laws, and helping you understand ways you can save money in the future.

If you want to find an accountant in Cairns who loves numbers but doesn’t treat their clients like one, contact us today to secure your free report that will help you find an accountants that suits your needs.

This is my author bio.

Cairns Accountants

Business Tax GST General Accounting Services, Cairns Accountants

Business Tax GST General Accounting Services

Book Summary – The Business of Life – How you can prosper in the Information Age – Written by Orrin

Book Summary – The Business of Life – How you can prosper in the Information Age – Written by Orrin Woodward & Chris Brady

Orrin and Chris are New York Times bestselling authors. Their main book Launching a Leadership revolution is a good book with excellent calls to action. That book will be profiled in another summary. For now, the business of life will highlight the three C’s (content, commerce & community) and other relevant information.

Why is this important to me? I ask this question as if I am sitting in your shoes. It is time for people to proactively take their futures into their own hands. We are entering trying times with the world economy and global challenges. The world will be a very different place in ten years. The question becomes will you be left behind or will you create your own destiny? The personal debt of U.S. citizens is very high so answering this question may seem like a pipe dream.

Most people I speak with are busy treading water and can’t even think of crafting a life plan because the bills and debt burden are too heavy to escape. What is the answer? The key to happiness and freedom is hard work and the right business. I know money does not make the world go round but it provides the grease so the wheel can turn. Money and stress are inversely proportional. I understand that Fortune 500 executive live with high stress but they are not worried about their next meal. The poor live with much more stress.

Orrin and Chris chat about the 4 main growth industries that provide for business and growth opportunities. We will profile those and highlight other important points.

1.Personal Development – Walk into any book store and you will find the self-help and personal development section packed with people. This market is a multi-billion dollar industry. Personal Development products work, the problem with it is the execution of the material. Most people buy products like P90X which works but they forget to actually do the behavior. This provides for a real opportunity to help and an excellent potential business.

2.Networking – Networking provides the power of franchising without the costs. In the book E-Myth, it states that 80% of businesses fail in ten years while 75% of franchises succeed. The main reason is franchise businesses are systems businesses. This means that everything is scripted and there is very little room for error. You can walk into McDonald’s in New York or California and everything is the same. Systems businesses provide for scalability. Networking is similar but the start-up costs are non-existent. The key here is to find the right leadership and company to partner with. Robert Kiyosaki from Rich Dad Poor Dad is a big fan of networking.

3.Life Coaching – Most people will not invest in a Life Coach. This is a real shame because the biggest way to success is to associate and emulate people who have already done it. Tony Robbins is a huge success and he achieved it in far less time than others because he embraced this concept. Sharing great content and providing direction is a huge business opportunity. Check out thenewboston.com, this website provides free tutorials and has received over 150 Million YouTube visits. Likewise Rossboxing.com has received over 8 million YouTube visits. These guys provide real value that is actionable.

4.Community Building – Building Communities is critical in the information age and much easier than in the past. Good content is the key to building communities. This is still hard work but the benefits are worth it. In the software business, the size of the community is more valuable than the actual Intellectual Property. Examples of this are Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Understanding what drives you is the key to true meaning in life. When you understand your purpose then money and happiness become by products. All of this does not matter unless you invest in the sweat equity to get it done. Also remember this quote from Albert Einstein – -Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.- I hope you have found this short summary useful. The key to any new idea is to work it into your daily routine until it becomes habit. Habits form in as little as 21 days. One thing you can take away from this book is the power of good content. None of the industries profiled above are worth anything without good content. Master content generation and you will be successful in any endeavor you choose.

Why Should I Use Silk Business Cards To Promote My Business

Are you looking for the absolute and most professional looking business card? Are you looking for a card that suits your high profile clients who attend million dollar business meetings? Do not worry nor panic. Silk Business Cards are the best choice for you. These kinds of business cards are of very high quality and are laminated with silk. The silk lamination protects the card from bending and creasing. They are the worlds smoothest business cards with considerably perfect thickness. Silk cards are 17pt and this makes it 60% thickness of a credit card, which make them the thickest cards you can ever own.

The silk Business Cards are highly durable and last up to six times longer as compared to regular cards. The 17pt thickness is an exclusive feature that makes you business card to impress all your clients. It is a feature that makes these business cards to belong to a distinct class.

What Makes Silk Business Cards The Best Choice?

Silk cards are perfect and distinct from any other cards around the world. They are designed with unique features that make the silk cards to be the choice for very visionary business operator. The following features make the silk business cards to be distinct:-
Silk lamination that makes the cards look elegant
Durability of the cards
17pt thickness which is a unique feature
It has an optional foil stamping feature that allows you to place your own desire foil type such as silver foil, gold foil or colored foil
You also add a UV gloss layer to the card which makes a pretty separation between the finishes, silk and gloss
During printing, you do not have to budget for a first impression since it is priceless.

These features make the silk business cards to be the only perfect choice for anyone who values quality, class and making a permanent impression to all clients. The price is highly affordable to ensure that you get a quality service at a favorable price. If you order these business cards online, you are sure to get the satisfaction you desire. It takes approximately 48 hours from the time you submit an order to the time you receive them. Business cards have remained a very strong marketing tool over a long time and nothing seems to overtake it.

What Are Premium Business Cards?

Premium Business Cards are rated the best business cards of all time. They are durable since the cards are designed and printed with great thicknesses that allow them to remain useful for long periods before renewal. This means that the cards are convenient, elegant and cheap. If you want to choose a premium quality for your cards then it will be a great idea if you choose a thickness of 16pt and 17pt, which is 50% to 60% the thickness of a credit card. These cards are of the best quality and they will impress all you clients. Choose a premium business card today and you see the difference.